All CYRUS Matting Products have a Limited One to Five Year Product and Workmanship Warranty. Term of warranty is based on individual products. Contact us for more information.


In the event of a warranty claim established to the manufacturers satisfaction, the manufacturer agrees, at its option, to repair or to replace the product out of current lines at the time of replacement or to refund (or partially refund) the invoice price. The manufacture will assume the cost of replacement of product on a depreciating basis based on the replacement cost of the product prorated on the individual products warranty.

The labour cost of removing and/or reinstalling replacement materials are to be borne by the purchaser. No liability will be assumed for any incidental or consequential damage, loss, or expense. No liability will be assumed for commercial shade variations or for material with visible defects after such materials have been installed, altered, cut, damaged, soiled or otherwise become unsalable. The limited warranty shall only be effective provided the product was installed in strict compliance with the recommendations and procedures by Cyrus Manufacturing.

The manufacturer warrants indoor installations (over firm, flat, clean, smooth, hard surfaces, free of cracks or foreign substances, of wood, concrete, or vinyl) of the product against abrasive wear in properly installed and maintained installations for a period of three (3) years. Failure is defined as the loss of fibre due to abrasive wear of ten (10) percent of the pile-fibre in any given area. This warranty is for abrasive wear only, and does not cover burns, cuts, gouges, pilling, matting of pile, shedding, flattening of the pile or pattern, staining, soiling, oiling, application of improper cleaning agents or maintenance methods, fading nor fibre loss due to abnormal usage.

No warranty is extended for use of the products on stairs; in athletic playing areas; or for product which has been taken up from the location where it was originally installed and was reinstalled.

All warranties start at the invoice date, and to process any claim under this warranty, submit a 12 inch by 12 inch sample of the failed product for laboratory evaluation together with a copy of the original invoice.

All warranties apply to the original purchaser and installation site(s) and is not transferable.