The Unique Benefits of the

McCrann Cyrus System



The patented McCrann Cyrus System guards against slips, falls and the risk of litigation. Our edging is 100% ADA compliant (meets ADA requirements for safety and wheelchair accessibility).


Environmental Impact

Our goal is to come up with the right combination of sustainable products with high recycled content. Adding more recycled content is always possible but often this is at the detriment of sustainability. McCrann Cyrus is committed to manufacturing sustainable products for the environment. Our systems have been known to last in
excess of 10 years.


Custom made

Having a custom mat built to your needs means any size, shape, color combination or logo is possible. Enhance your brand or let our trained professionals create a special design for you. All of our entrance systems are designed to fit your facility’s traffic pattern and aesthetics. Create a lasting first impression of your company’s self awareness and attention to detail while creating a safe entry for every foot that comes through the doors.


Patented Construction

Years of research guarantees a higher standard that is rated the best in the industry.


Reduce Maitinance costs

We offer a wide variety of matting products that can help reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%. Mats reduce maintenance by scraping the dirt, debris and water from shoes to prevent it from being carried into the building. This can also improve air quality.