Advantages of owning your own McCrann Cyrus mats

  • Mat purchasing is more cost effective.
  • Mat purchasing provides more variety in sizes, colors and quality.
  • McCrann Cyrus mats are higher quality and, therefore, last longer.
  • Our mats are better for the environment.
  • A McCrann Cyrus mat lays flatter and stays in place, reducing trip hazards.
  • A proper matting system removes up to 72% more combined dirt and water than rental matting, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

Why rental mats are bad for business

  • Purchase of a mat is often the same cost as renting the same mat for 8 months.
  • Rental mats provide a limited range of mat widths, lengths, colors and shapes.
  • Dye lots may be inconsistent and not match throughout the facility.
  • Rental mats are usually only wiper mats. A McCrann Cyrus matting system has both the wiper and scraper components.
  • Rental matting can be dangerous as their corners are prone to curl up while they shift in the  middle. This raises your risk of possible liability due to the tripping hazard.
  • Purchased matting offers variety, aesthetics and flexibility to suit your specific needs through out every season. In the summer months, less matting may be required. Does your contract compensate you for these months?