We are committed to the environment

McCrann Cyrus is continually looking for new and innovative products.

Our goal is to reduce our overall impact on the environment by incorporating as many green initiatives as possible. Many of our products are currently manufactured with various levels of recycled content taken from both post industrial as well as post consumer recycled material and our manufacturing facility embraces all environmentally friendly protocols and recycling programs. We also work diligently with the carpet manufacturers to utilize their recycle programs.

  • McCrann Cyrus Matting Systems can last between 5-10 years and include a 1-5 year warranty, which keeps our mats out of the land fill up to five times longer than economy matting.
  • Our matting systems contribute to improved indoor air quality by trapping dirt and dust without using energy, manpower or cleaning chemicals.
  • McCrann Cyrus matting systems may contribute to LEED building certification under the Material & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality or Innovation and Design Process categories.

LEED, or leadership in energy and environmental design, is changing the way we think about how buildings and communities are planned, constructed, maintained and operated. LEED works for all buildings from homes to corporate headquarters at all phases of development. Projects pursuing LEED Certification earn points across several areas that address sustainability issues.

Possible LEED credits
IEQ Credit 4.1 (1 point)
IEQ Credit 4.3 (1 point)
IEQ Credit 5 (1 point)
MR Credit 4 (1-2 points)