Economical, all purpose, ultra-thin, non-slip underlay.

  • Used to prevent carpets from moving on hard surfaces.

  • Prevents scratching of floors.

  • Hand washable and extends rug life.

  • Reduces puckering under heavy furniture

  • Rated for use on radiant heat floors.

  • Constructed from a needle punch synthetic fiber with a natural rubber backing.

  • Available in rolls or cuts to fit any rug size.

THE TOP 5 reasons why you should purchase a rug pad

  1. Create a safer environment by reducing wrinkles and slippage of your rug.

  2. Extend the life of your area rug.

  3. Protect against color transfer, marring and staining of your flooring.

  4. Add comfort and cushion to any area rug.

  5. Vacuum your rug more easily.