Shopping Centers


City Square Shopping centre

Unique to Vancouver, City Square’s shopping mall and office complex is an inimitable mix of modern and heritage architecture. 

The impressive four-storey granite and sandstone buildings were designed in the Italianate style by architect E. E. Blackmore. The stained glass windows, copper cupola and slate roofs add further charm and character to the architecture.

City Square Shopping Mall and office complex, as we see it today, was inaugurated in 1989 and is a spectacular example of adaptive reuse of heritage buildings. The schools were restored to their original grandeur and then connected to two six-storey office towers by a large modern spacious glass atrium. The complex was designed by the renowned architect, Paul Merrick. It is located in the heart of the heritage district of central Vancouver and across from Vancouver City Hall.

McCrann Cyrus MFG. Manufactured several custom mats for various entry points into the building. A on site measure was conducted to determine the size and shape for each individual entrance way. The product used was our Cyrus 8850, a very durable high end matting material used in heavy traffic areas. The City Square Shopping Center logo was added to the mats creating a memorable first impression for its customers and showcasing their brand. Our ADA compliant ramp edging was installed onto the mats to prevent slips and falls and to keep the mats laying flat.  


Lynden Park Mall

Lynden Park Mall is based in Brantford, Ontario and is the hub of retail in the area. It has over 95 of the top-name national retailers making it a very high traffic shopping center.

We created entrance systems to fit Lynden Park Malls space and design perfectly. Our entrance mats create a warm welcome for customers while showcasing their brand and helping to keep the building clean.

These matting systems were created using our Cyrus 2000, a durable indoor matting material great for keeping the water, dirt, debris and snow from being tracked into the building. This material also has an array of inset colors perfect for showcasing your brand or creating a custom design. We added the benefit of our ADA compliant ramp edging, installed to prevent trips and falls and make it easier for things to be rolled onto and off of the mats.