Custom Resilient Floor Cutting

We cut custom artwork into your resilient surfaces to communicate your brand, as well as provide directions, safety warnings and entertainment themes for your customers.

Resilient flooring surface materials such as  linoleum, marmoleum (earth friendly flooring), vinyl and PVC are widely used in residential, commercial, educational and health care facilities. Resilient flooring provides a medium to display your corporate logo, school crests, sport team logos and school logos. Safety warnings and directional prompts are just a few of the many art applications and graphics we can insert into your resilient flooring surfaces.

Directional Graphics:

Hospitals, care facilities, community centres often use directional artwork in their  resilient flooring to aid their patients, visitors and clients navigate their facilities.

Safety Announcements:

Inserting safety warnings in your resilient flooring surfaces is the most effective way to ensure that they are read and followed.  Artwork and messaging applied to your flooring is an proven method of communication.


Using your flooring as a communication medium is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and highlight your image with your visitors and customers.