Quiet and highly effective at stopping dirt

  • Strong, lightweight rails and aluminum hinge connectors offer maximum performance in high traffic areas.

  • Incorporates into carpet, tile or surrounding floor finishes.

  • 7/16” tread rails allow dirt and water to fall through

  • Industry standard for architectural tread rail mats where the removal of dirt, snow and water is essential.

  • Choose from six effective tread options.

  • Sound absorbing cushions reduce noise.


Exterior Brush Tread

Rugged polypropylene fibers handle exterior elements. Available in four colors* as denoted.


MonoTuft HD™

Our unique fiber combination including monofilament fibers offers the most aggressive interior carpet insert available. Offered in 21 colors.

* Available in Exterior Brush Tread
† Man made cocoa fibers only available for exterior applications.

Carpet Tread Inserts

Abrasive Tape  Inserts

Poured Abrasive Inserts

Due to the differences between monitors, the colors above may vary when specifying. Request color samples. McCrann Cyrus MFG reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.