Cyrus 9000

Where to use: Entrance ways & vestibules in commercial, industrial & institutional buildings.

Environment: Outdoors directly exposed to the elements, harsh weather and indoors.

Made for: Heavy traffic areas.

  • Easy to clean and maintain as it requires no drying time.

  • Works in harsh environments and heavy traffic applications.

  • Perfect for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.

  • Dense tufted design minimizes resistance of wheeled traffic.

  • Drainage holes for water removal.

  • Seaming and edging programs available.

Total Weight: 2.32 kg/m² (0.48 lb/ft²)

Face Material: Polypropylene

Warranty: 1 year

Face Construction: Tufted Cut Pile

Colour: 3 Colours

Edging: Available

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Backing: Latex

Surface: Scraper

Thickness: 12.5 mm (1/2 in)

Face Style: Tufted Grass

Roll Sizes: 1m x 65.5', 2m x 65.5'

Face Weight: 1,100 g/m² (32 oz/yd²)