• A custom entryway system can be made to any size or shape, creating a timeless look and a great first impression in any facility.

  • Showcase your brand by adding your company logo or create a custom, one of a kind design to work with any decor style.

  • Choose from a wide variety of quality products to get your desired look without sacrificing function.

Functional Mats That Create a Lasting First Impression

With a custom entryway system tailor made to your needs, you can create a lasting first impression. A custom mat can include a brand or custom design and also be a custom shape to follow the building’s natural traffic pattern. Not only will your mat look great, it will also help prevent slips and falls, keep your building clean and reduce maintenance costs.

Our State of the Art Technology

A world apart from the standard and ordinary surface-printed logos, McCrann Cyrus’ CNC technology creates logos with unparalleled detail and clarity. We CNC cut and heat weld your logo right into your custom designed McCrann Cyrus System. Our vast pallet of colour options ensures the integrity of your logo is captured.