Why Carpet Tiles Won’t Cut it at The Entrance to Your Building

Entrances are used by all building inhabitants on a daily basis, which means a lot of wear and tear on the flooring in and around the entrance. As a cheap alternative to an entrance mat, or because there were just some left over from the rest of the building, we often see standard carpet tiles, like those throughout large offices, used at the entrance of a building instead of an entrance mat.

What’s the problem with that?…

Though sufficient in low-traffic areas like a corridor or office, regular carpet tiles aren’t designed for high-traffic, weather affected areas such as main entrances. They are mainly designed with aesthetics and wear in mind, rather than brushing, scraping and absorbing (the main characteristics of an effective entrance mat).

Sure, they will absorb small amounts of moisture, and will probably brush off a bit of dirt, but where does that dirt and moisture go? Because these carpet tiles are generally quite tightly woven, the tracked-in dirt and moisture will just sit on top of the carpet tile.

All that dirt and moisture is going to build up, and track further into your building, increasing your maintenance costs, ruining your carpet tiles – increasing your frequency of replacement, and creating all manner health and safety issues.

So don’t do it, ok?! There are a multitude of different types of entrance matting out there, from entrance carpet tiles to aluminium rail systems just pick the one that fits your budget and entrance requirements.