Here's a look at our top two all season matting products

Summer is winding down, its the perfect time to start getting your building ready for the fall and winter weather

The First Choice for Indoor Matting: Cyrus 3000

Cyrus 3000 is perfect for heavy traffic areas such as entrance ways, lobbies and hallways. It can be made to measure in any size or shape and is the perfect product for showcasing your logo or adding a custom design. It has unsurpassed dirt capture with a resistance to wear and crushing, even in high traffic areas. With a 5 year warranty it is the number one choice for shopping centers, hotels, prestigious offices and residential buildings.

The First Choice For Outdoor Matting: Cyrus 8000

Cyrus 8000 is perfect for heavy traffic areas such as entrance ways, vestibules, lobbies & hallways. It has the ultimate performance with the look of quiet sophistication. With the appearance of high-end carpet that is spike and skate resistant. This is the perfect winter product because it is impervious to chemicals such as caustic soda, chlorine, petroleum products, ice melters and salt. Custom sizing and shapes can be created as well as added branding and designs.