3M™ Nomad 8850

Heavy traffic indoor entryway carpet matting

  • Combination scraper and carpet matting.

  • Crush-resistant polypropylene fibers scrape, remove and hide loose dirt.

  • Small nylon fibers wick away water.

  • Resists fading and staining.

  • Will not stain floor by preventing dirt and moisture from falling through the mat onto the floor underneath.

  • Low profile allows foot, cart and wheelchair traffic to move easily over the mat.

  • Random pattern provides an attractive look and allows sand, salt and dirt to blend in until it can be removed.

  • Perfect for vestibules, lobbies, reception desks and hallways.

  • Logo, seaming and edging programs available.

Construction: Tufted loop pile

Face Style: Carpet (loop pile)

Face Material: Polypropylene nylon

Edging: Available

Backing: Vinyl (PVC)

Thickness: 5/16 in. (8 mm.)

Total Weight: 3.52 kg./sq. m. (0.72 lbs./sq.ft.)

Warranty: Limited 4 year

Widths: 3’, 4’ & 6’