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McCrann Cyrus Entryway Carpets Welcome Award Winning Boutique Hotel Guests, Downtown Vancouver

Wedgewood Hotel Entryway Logo Mat, Vancouver

A hotel doesn’t win the title of top city hotel in Canada by neglecting the details. Located in bustling downtown Vancouver, current #1 Top City Hotel in Canada, Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, is an experience in old-world luxury. When one enters the hotel one is transported into a world of calm and class, with lush carpeting, polished dark wood, glittering chandeliers, and exceptional service from the uniformed staff.

The experience of luxury begins even before one crosses the threshold. Guests enter the hotel across a custom-made McCrann Cyrus carpet, installed flush with the sidewalk and emblazoned with the hotel’s logo. The carpet may be a detail, but it’s a detail every bit as important as lighting or scent, which combine to create a flawless overall effect. After all, the entrance is the first impression of the hotel that guests receive; both the interior and exterior view of the entrance must be impeccable.

Impeccable is what McCrann Cyrus, a company that provides commercial carpeting to hotels, does best. A carpet is a detail that counts; it must not only mesh with the hotel’s ambiance, complimenting but never overwhelming the surrounding aesthetics, but must also be designed to perform. McCrann Cyrus manufactures branded entryway carpets that are both anti-slip and absorbent to ensure safety and cleanliness for all visitors.

McCrann’s detailed touch to the award-winning Wedgewood Hotel is proof that luxury starts from the entrance.

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