Recessed Well Matting:  

Recessed well matting is engineered to stop contaminants, dirt and water from entering your building. Architects, designers and building owners often choose recessed well matting because of its durability, contribution to Leeds and its ability to enhance your buildings image.

There are several major considerations to keep in mind when selecting well mats for  your entryways and vestibules: safety, durability and design. The decision is based on the environmental conditions, safety requirement and status of the building.

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These patented systems allow debris to fall between the tread rails, collecting large amounts of dirt and moisture. Aluminum grill mats look great in any interior and can reduce floor cleaning costs by 30-50%. These mats come in many aesthetic surface choices to match any décor.



This high performance PVC well mat is easy to install and customize making this a great choice for your recess well application. Debris Trap matting is a cost effective solution for recessed wells. It is dimensionally stable and comes in a variety of carpet inserts and colors.


Debris Trap

One of the top performing entry mats used from shopping malls, commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities to recreational buildings. Available in twenty standard colors and fourteen logo colors.


Cyrus 4000