Commercial Outdoor Entryway Mats:

Commercial entryway mats are first line of defense against the soil, water and dirt coming to your building. Placed inside or outside your entryway, the outdoor mat protects your commercial, residential and industrial establishment from all weather environments.

We offer a wide selection of quality indoor and outdoor entryway mats. Our exclusive Cyrus line of products represents the utmost of style, functionality and design. Cyrus entryway mats are crafted from the best materials to beautify and protect your floors. Our products offer flexibility that serves ay unique space and dimension, as well as making your design dreams come into life in any media imaginable (textile, vinyl, linoleum and more).

Browse Our Exclusive Cyrus Collection Outdoor Entryway Mats

One of the best choices for shopping malls, high-end commercial buildings and locations where you require premium entry matting with the look of high-end carpeting.


Cyrus 8000


Cyrus 8000

One of the top performing entry mats used from shopping malls, commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities to recreational buildings. Available in twenty standard colors and fourteen logo colors.


Cyrus 4000

Low profile version of Cyrus 4000 used where door clearances can be an issue. Available in six colors.


Cyrus 4050

A economical cut-pile wiper mat for light traffic.


Cyrus 6000