Anti-fatigue matting:

Fatigue in the work-place has a direct correlation to decreased productivity and increased accidents. Anti-fatigue mats combat work-place fatigue.  Anti-fatigue matting serves as an impact buffer between the worker and hard flooring surfaces. It reduces jarring to ankles, knees, and back joints, and in doing reduce both fatigue and worker injuries.



Warehousing/Manufacturing/Industrial facilities


Air-soft/ Bubble Mats/ Stand Easy/

& 3M3270

Anti-Slip Mats:

Slip and fall accidents are a safety issue in locations such as kitchens, pool & spa areas. Anti-slip mats provide a superior grip in slippery areas.



3M 3200 Wet area matting/ Plasti-Grip/ Comfort Flow/ Stand Easy Premier

Anti-Contamination Mats:

This mat is specifically designed to hold disinfecting solution, so workers can sanitize their footwear as they enter and / or leave the work-space.


Disinfectant Mat Standard/ Shallow Well Designs

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