Entryway Mats

Our proprietary Carpet Tile Tray Systems allow you to create an area rug or entry mat using carpet tiles, affording you the ability to relocate the rug without the damage to your existing flooring.

Our commercial customers require a solution that allows the use of carpet tiles in an area rug format that can be easily repositioned. Carpet Tile Tray Systems allows you to use a variety of different materials to create your own unique flooring arrangements. To accommodate our customer demands we designed and patented our proprietary Carpet Tile Tray System, allowing the use of carpet tiles in a way never before offered to our customers.



Installation is fast and effortless, since Carpet Tile Trays do not require being glued to floors.

One of the advantages of Carpet Tile Trays is that your existing flooring is protected because there is no glue used to hold the carpet tiles in place. The tray holds the tiles in place! These Carpet Tile Trays are very easy to reposition which sets them apart from regular commercial glue down entryway flooring systems.

Rearrange floor themes according to changing seasons, advertisements and promotions.

Would you like a new floor for Christmas? With our Carpet Tile Trays you can rearrange your look in a matter of hours. Collect and store your off-season tiles and assemble any holiday floor design you like with carpet tiles in the colors and styles required to highlight the promotions you desire.

Carpet Tile Trays allow implementation of an unlimited selection of carpet tiles in many styles and colors.

With our Carpet Tile Trays there is no limit to your creativity! There is an unlimited selection of carpet styles, textures, and colors to apply, mix and match, assemble and disassemble according to your design, seasonality and budget.

Our Carpet Tile Trays meet American Disability Association (ADA) requirements for general accessibility and safety

High traffic commercial and residential  facilities need to adhere to safety and accessibility standards  to minimize the risk of slips, trips and falls, as well as insure unobstructed assess for wheelchair users.  McCrann’s Cyrus Carpet Tile Trays meet American Disability Association Requirements (ADA) for general accessibility and safety.