Carpet reflecting your image – right from the entrance!

We are a full service provider of commercial entryway carpet systems, mats and custom area rugs for our commercial and residential clients. McCrann’s Carpet Finishing began in B.C. in 1977. Since the merger with Cyrus Manufacturing, Inc. in 2011, McCrann Cyrus Mfg. continues to service clients across Canada and the USA.

With McCrann Cyrus Mfg. you get the professionalism and knowledge of generations of highly committed managers and employees. We are proud to be a family firm with a Coast to Coast presence.

Green Initiatives:

McCrann Cyrus Mfg. is continually looking for new and innovative products to reduce our overall impact on the environment by incorporating as many green initiatives as possible. Many of our products are manufactured with some level of recycled content taken from both post-industrial as well as post-consumer recycled material. We are committed to being enviromentally responsible and now offer our clients an End of Life Recycling program for your used flooring.

Cyrus Matting products are engineered for performance and designed to reflect your image. The circumstances of our clients are unique to their situation and we resolve challenges, one at a time to ensure complete customer satisfaction – we guarantee it!


For over 20 years, Cyrus Matting has focused on innovation to ensure the safest, best looking products for a good and lasting impression. We are never surprised when we hear one of our systems is over 10 years old and still performing like its original purpose.

Naturally, we continue to be proud of our achievements as we have numerous products in many cities across North America. Our staff has been listening to the needs of our clients.

Our desire is to create the best products for entryway areas, soft seating, direction mats and other flooring solutions across North America. We guarantee it!

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Unique Benefits of the Cyrus System